Why I want Liverpool to batter Leicester City

It is truly incredible that when Liverpool travel to face the Premier League leaders they will be travelling to Leicester City. It would have been incredible if we were in October or November but we’re not. It’s February, all 20 teams have played 23 games and Leicester City are top by three points.

In what has been a remarkable season where the champions and their manager imploded, Klopp came to Liverpool and the top scorer played non-league five years ago, Leicester City have been the story. Bottom of the table on Christmas Day in 2014 to top of the table on Christmas Day 2015, we may never see something like this again.

What remains is to see how far Leicester can go. They have 15 games left and a huge week ahead of them. First they have Liverpool, who are one of only two teams to beat them in the league this season, and then they have Manchester City on Saturday. It could be a defining week in their season.

Well I want Liverpool to batter Leicester City tonight. Actually, I want Liverpool to eviscerate them. I want Liverpool to shatter their confidence, to knock them down and ensure that by the time they play City they are too weak to stand up so they can be battered again.

That may sound as if I have something against Leicester. Trust me, before this season I could not have cared less about them. But it is what they are doing this season that is annoying me, is the reason I’m grinding my teeth, that’s the reason I want to see Leicester City destroyed tonight.

Leicester can’t win the league. They just can’t.

I’m 18 years old. In my lifetime I have seen four teams win the league. Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City. I didn’t want them to win the league either and it made my sick to the stomach to watch United and City pip us to the title in 2009 and 2014. It was just generally accepted however that two of them effectively bought the league and that the other two were big clubs, like us, and that winning titles is just what big clubs do.

So I didn’t feel too bad about that. What I can’t stand, however, is watching football and supporting football for almost 13 years, spending every living moment hoping and dreaming that Liverpool would one day win the league, only to see Leicester City do it first.

Even as I’m writing this I can imagine the fume this could potentially generate. A Liverpool supporter who wants to see Manchester City or Arsenal win the league?! Well I don’t want them to win the league. But I could live with it. Imagining Wes Morgan lifting the Premier League on the other hand? No thank you.

Sure I can see the argument as to why a neutral football fan, if there is such a thing, would say that Leicester winning the league would be the greatest thing to possibly ever happen in the Premier League. It shows that you don’t have to spend hundreds of millions of pounds to win, it shows smaller clubs like Everton that anything is possible, that modern day football is still competitive, fair and fun.

For years Leicester’s season will encourage football fans to dream of ‘what if ‘. It keeps alive that belief of ‘this could be our year’ that all supporters feel on opening day. It’s romantic. The story of Jamie Vardy is romantic, it’s rags to riches and it’s what football is all about.

But romance is dead. It’s dead and it has been ever since the two nights that changed everything; April 27th and May 5th 2014. They said that Steven Gerrard was destined to win the league that season with Liverpool. It was meant to be. But it wasn’t.

Liverpool’s rise from 7th to title contenders was an incredible story. It changed the way I think about football and genuinely convinced me that anything is possible when you can dream. Leicester City encapsulate that. Enjoy the top 4, enjoy the Champions League but don’t you dare touch Liverpool’s Premier League title. Only one team gets to become the sixth club to win the Premier League and it’s going to be us.

We are coming back.



One thought on “Why I want Liverpool to batter Leicester City

  1. So, it didn’t happen, we battered them 0-2, with a wonder goal from Jamie Vardy into the mix as well. And since then Leicester City have underlined their title credentials by going away to Man City and winning.

    I feel your pain reading this Jamie, your love for you club shines through. But I do wonder if romance is still alive after all and, instead of hating everything about Leicester’s rise this season, you should be loving it. Football is a nuts game, the EPL this season more than ever, but as a supporter of the same team as you I’m prepared to sit back and enjoy the Leicester City spectacle. We (LFC) are not going to win anything this season unless we overturn Man City on Capital One Cup Final day. I cannot see us going all the way in the Europa League with a defence as leaky as ours at set pieces, and as for the league, it might be a blessing for us to be out of Europe for a full season under Klopp. Leicester will benefit from the lack of European distractions in the run in in the title this season, as we did in 2013-14, and it might be no bad thing to finish 9th this time round and clear the decks for a proper run at the league next season.

    Leicester, on the other hand, could well win the league this year. And why not? I think it would be great. Sure, they’d have their hands on the EPL trophy before we ever got near it, but I’d rather see that than Man City win again. Or Arsenal. Or Chelsea. Or Man Utd. I’d rather even see Leicester win it than Spurs, though if Leicester don’t win it then Spurs will be a good second choice I think. Variety is the spice of life. Leicester’s football this season has certainly deserved for them to be where they are and I don’t want them to fall at the last hurdle only to be overtaken by Man City on the last day. That would be heart breaking.

    I’m happy to see Leicester go on and clinch the title. I think it genuinely gives hope to all EPL clubs and their supporters, including Liverpool, that if they get their act together they could be up there next season. Sure, this season has seen Chelsea and Man Utd in unusually low positions and in poor form, but who’s to say this is not a changing of the guard? The levelling out of the playing field in the EPL is, in my opinion, no bad thing. ‘Smaller’ clubs can now afford to scoop up superb players for £5-8 million, players the ‘big’ clubs are missing out on. I think Liverpool should join this sort of transfer market shopping, rather than go for huge marquee signings who then play with the weight of their price tag and the history of LFC’s illustrious past weighing on their shoulders all the time (cf. Benteke).

    So, in summary I’m going to disagree and wish Leicester City all the best for their last 13 league games. After all, they have played us home and away now, so they might as well win every game.

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